Who are we?

HudoTech is a company specializing in design consultancy and development of information technology solutions as required by customers. Aiming to help businesses increase sales along with professionalization and modernization.

Formed by a group of young individuals, who are well-trained at prestigious universities in the country and abroad. With the determination of building a professional, caring and qualified staff, it is possible to bring international standard products and services to its customers.

What do we do?

During the short time of operation, we have been trusted by many customers, giving us the opportunity to prove their ability. This is an honor for our team, in order not to trust the customers, we always remind ourselves, always learn, improve knowledge, applied technology, to produce products products are getting better and better, meeting the quality standards of products with internationalization with appropriate deployment costs.

Business philosophy

Quality measure: Customers are the most honest and objective reviewers of software products. Therefore, the best satisfaction of software needs to serve business and production is the top priority with HudoTech. 

Human: Each member of HudoTech is a link factor that creates the strength and success of the company. HudoTech always wants to gather the members (links) who have the spirit of teamwork, high creativity, responsibility for work.

With HudoTech, people are the central element of development and to create trust and passion for the work of the members of the company, in addition to creating true spiritual values and material values. HudoTech also constantly sets goals to improve the living standards of its members.

Target, vision

The goal is for HudoTech to be Vietnam’s leading technology company, contributing to bringing our country to complete the 4.0 revolution soon.

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Head office: No. 186B Nuoc Lan Street, Tu Lien Ward, Tay Ho District, Hanoi City.

Transaction office: A2602, Lac Hong Westlake building, Phu Thuong ward, Tay Ho district, Hanoi city.

Tax code: 0108181288 – Tel: 0969 628 929 – Email: contact@hudotech.com