Consulting information technology solutions

HudoTech provides software development services with international standards and has successfully implemented complex software development projects for many partners and customers. We offer a variety of software development services such as helping customers maintain software systems through bug fixes and software updates that are using or developing new software packages.

With IT solution consultants with many years of experience in the industry, we will analyze the current situation and provide system design according to feasible options according to customer requirements.

Trung tâm kiểm định Công Nghiệp 1 là một đối tác được chúng tôi tư vấn hệ thống CNTT toàn diện, từ website tới hệ thống phần mềm quản lý hoạt động của doanh nghiệp.

Industrial Testing Center 1 is a partner that we consult comprehensive information technology solutions, from the website to the operation management software system of the enterprise.

1. Consulting the design of new IT systems

  • Consulting, designing new IT systems, including network systems, LAN, WAN, Internet connections, server, storage systems and security systems.
  • Develop requirements and functions for IT systems.
  • Evaluation of options and solutions implemented.
  • Consulting to build a total solution system integrating software solutions for operating and management on the basis of modern IT equipment technology.

2. Upgrade and optimize existing systems

  • Surveying infrastructure and consulting solutions to upgrade IT systems.
  • Evaluate the system, offer solutions to enhance the capabilities and security of the system.
  • Direct survey of the system, offering appropriate design models and providing optimal system upgrade solutions for businesses, agencies and organizations.
  • Provide a suitable design model with an optimal system upgrade solution, save a lot of costs for agencies, businesses and organizations.

3. Benefits of customers when using IT system consulting services

  • Analyzing the benefits of a system and true value to investors.
  • Applying international standards helps customers identify which standards are appropriate for the system and the applications they need.
  • Provide optimal and effective solutions through options, products with quality to meet customers’ needs but still ensure investment costs.
  • Check the feasibility of the system designed by the customer. We can help customers check the accuracy of a system designed by customers, make recommendations, make changes to help customers have a standard system..

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