Software development outsourcing

Currently in the integration trend and the continuous development of agencies and businesses, in order to capture that integration as a foundation for their existence and growth, the expansion of production scale, management is inevitable. This will arise more problems in management and production process. To overcome this problem, HudoTech Co., Ltd is very pleased to accompany the agencies, businesses, organizations … to solve these difficulties through the outstanding development of Information Technology today.

Dự án Bảo vệ tương lai là một dự án được đầu tư bởi Cơ quan Hỗ trợ Kỹ thuật Quốc tế Pháp, HudoTech đã gia công theo ý tưởng và thiết kế đề xuất của đơn vị đối tác.

The Future Protection Project is a project invested by the French International Technical Support Agency, HudoTech has been processing according to the proposed idea and design of the partner unit.

HudoTech has the following options for implementing software analysis, design and processing:

1. Package software (according to orders)

  • HudoTech has packaged software, which is synthesized from surveys of actual needs of operations or areas of operation of agencies and businesses. Currently, the company has developed and available nearly hundreds of application software such as Accounting Software, Human Software, Enterprise Software, software for education, medical software …
  • HudoTech can advise on product selection and offer solutions for agencies, businesses, organizations … based on packaged products.
  • The advantages of the software are Low deployment time, easy to install and use, with a system of tools that are not complicated in terms of content, Vietnamese interface helps users easily and effectively. HudoTech prefers to add modifications to meet the specific management needs.
  • Commitment to complete products on schedule and set time.
  • Transfer and support customers enthusiastically during product operation

2. Analysis, design and construction of software according to orders:

  • HudoTech can advise on analyzing, designing and providing the best software and solutions for each agency, business or organization.
  • System analysis, operating procedures for ordered products.
  • Product design and software outsourcing orders.
  • Ensure perfecting products on schedule and in accordance with customer requirements.
  • Transfer and support customers enthusiastically during product operation. 

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