Website design as required

On-demand website design service is a solution to build websites based on customers’ ideas and professional advice from HudoTech to ensure customers always have a satisfactory website to meet their needs.

E-commerce is growing along with hundreds and thousands of websites born daily with all kinds of cheap websites to high-end websites. Therefore, in order to improve the competitive advantage compared to competitors and help create a deep impression on customers, the key factor for the shops and businesses is the website design as required with the unique and different in both interface and features.

Thiết kế website theo yêu cầu trở thành yêu cầu then chốt đối với các cửa hàng, doanh nghiệp trong cuộc chiến kinh doanh cạnh tranh khốc liệt trên môi trường Internet.

Website design on demand becomes a key requirement for shops and businesses in fierce competitive business battle on the Internet environment..

In order to bring to the shops and businesses an effective website design solution combining practical ideas and desires of customers with HudoTech’s professional experience and consulting, customized website design services. Our help turn customers’ own ideas into triggers that promote efficient business operations.

The importance of website design as required

You can imagine the website is like a house, so you like to live in a private house can freely choose and change the architecture and furniture according to your preferences and needs or an apartment can be The same design is subject to many limitations in both design and function. For shops and businesses today, the website is not only a business representative on the Internet environment but also a place to express its own, the uniqueness of businesses in hundreds of competitors in the same industry. profession.

Một website riêng độc đáo không chỉ tạo dựng bản sắc của cửa hàng, doanh nghiệp trên môi trường Internet mà còn níu chân khách hàng và thúc đẩy hiệu quả kinh doanh.

A unique, unique website that not only creates the identity of the store and business on the Internet environment but also holds the customers and promotes business efficiency..

If your website has no difference, it is difficult to create an impression for customers, it is difficult for customers to remember you in hundreds or thousands of other websites. Difference or death is a very common saying in business that every business needs to remember. Whether your store or business is large or small, no matter what business you do, it is important to create a distinctive imprint to attract customers, including website design. as required.

  • Website design on demand helps customers have a unique website with the interface and functions that are true to your actual needs and stand out in a wide range of popular websites today.
  • Website design on demand helps to improve brand awareness of users while creating own identity of shops and businesses on the Internet environment.
  • Website design on demand creates the professionalism of the website in accordance with each business, each type of product, service, each strategy and business orientation in different stages of customers.
  • Website design is required to rapidly increase the competitive advantage in the Internet environment and surpass the competition thanks to the difference and originality..
  • Website design on demand ensures the most reasonable cost with each client’s budget.
  • Designing website on demand helps to hold customers, increase sales opportunities as well as great leverage to promote business activities and profits for stores and businesses.

Specific requirements of unique website design services

With its customized website design service, HudoTech offers its customers a comprehensive website design solution that combines the ideas and desires of customers with the capabilities and experience of designers. Programming our professional website.

  • Required for a separate website layout and design interface.
  • Required for specific features or functions needed by the website, including difficult functions.
  • Required for images, colors, brand standards, placement of modules …
  • Required for technology and programming platforms such as PHP, Python, WordPress …
  • Required for choosing domain names and server infrastructure with Hosting, VPS, Server packages and suitable Linux and Windows servers.
  • Be asked about the specific time to hand over the website and give the website design price in accordance with the client’s budget.
  • It is required to provide detailed advice on how to build a website based on specific requirements from customers or design advice from A to Z based on the actual idea of customers.
  • It is required to present the actual capacity of website design and the projects HudoTech has implemented.
  • It is required to revise unsolicited interfaces or features until the customer feels absolutely satisfied.

Professional website design process at HudoTech

Stemming from the desire to bring to the shops and businesses the impressive and professional website design products that customers want, HudoTech builds a standard website design process with the basic steps below. here:

Dịch vụ thiết kế website theo yêu cầu của HudoTech mang đến cho khách hàng quy trình chuẩn mực và chuyên nghiệp từ khâu tiếp nhận yêu cầu đến khi nghiệm thu và bàn giao website.

Website design services required by HudoTech bring customers a standard and professional process from receiving requests to acceptance and handover of websites.

Step 1 – Receive requests from customers

After receiving a request for website design from customers, HudoTech staff quickly call, send a letter or meet customers directly to exchange and confirm customer specific requirements for a website. unique unique.

Step 2 – Evaluate specific requirements and advice based on customer requirements

HudoTech always listens to customers’ requests, thereby synthesizing, analyzing the requirements and feasibility of ideas for specific advice to customers to unify the most optimal design plan based on the idea of HudoTech’s customers and practical experience.

Step 3 – Build website design profile

From specific exchanges with customers, HudoTech has developed a detailed description of the website’s interface, features and layout and arranged staffing and project implementation time according to progressive commitments. degree with customers.

Step 4 – Design website interface

HudoTech’s design staff uses the latest website design technologies to design interfaces based on the idea of ​​designing a customized website that is unified with previous customers.

Step 5 – Send the design interface to the customer

After designing the website interface, we send back the design interface for customers to review and contribute more to make the website more complete and truly true to customers.

Step 6 – Complete the interface and programming features

HudoTech continues to revise the website interface according to customers’ requirements while deploying programming features for website administration, cutting HTML, placing Layout with CSS and completing basic features of the website.

Step 7 – Run the test and send it to the customer to check

When the website basically improves on the interface and features, we proceed to put the website on the demo site to run the test and fix the problems (if any) to ensure the smoothest operation of the website. Then send to the customer the final quality check before handing over.

Step 8 – Accept and hand over the website

If customers are fully satisfied with the website design service as required by HudoTech, we conduct acceptance and handover of website to customers along with documents and assistance of customer care staff to customers. The most convenient website administrator. In addition, HudoTech is committed to warranty and long-term maintenance of problems arising during the use of customers’ websites.

HudoTech’s commitments when customers design websites

In order to have hundreds of websites that operate stably and effectively, as currently, in each project, HudoTech always tries to understand the desire, analyze specific needs from customers and user behavior. to provide the most optimal website design solutions, bring maximum efficiency while saving costs with specific commitments.

  • Design website interface according to customers’ requirements with high creativity, ensure a proper layout and color scheme in accordance with each customer’s unique brand identity.
  • The features are fully integrated as unified with customers with advanced programming technologies to help the operation process smoothly, the website always works stably and has high security.
  • Modern website management system, can quickly add, edit, delete products and services, update content, promotional information on convenient websites.
  • Website can quickly upgrade new interface and features when customers request..
  • The websites required by customers always ensure SEO standard is not only friendly with search engines like Google or Coc Coc but also user friendly thanks to UX / UI optimization.
  • Using multi-platform display technology helps the website to display well on all devices, all browsers, all screen sizes from PC, tablet to phone with fast loading speed.
  • Reasonable website design costs help customers save costs and match the specific website design budget of each store and enterprise.
  • Enthusiastic and dedicated consultants take customer satisfaction as a guideline for service quality while committing to assisting customers continuously during the website operation until customers are really satisfied.

Contact the website design service at the request of HudoTech according to Tel: 0969 628 929 or Email today when you need to build a unique website in your own style.