Website management and SEO

There is a fact that businesses are having:

  •   There is not enough information needed to navigate and update your website.
  •   Too little time to search and edit articles for your website.
  •   Feeling too complicated when using editing tools equipped on the website system.
  •   Feeling confused when checking each spelling of information before posting it on the website.
  •   Feeling reluctant to spend a significant cost to hire a staff to update your website.
  •   Wondering if your website exists broken links, do not lead viewers to the right page you need to show them.

And with all those annoyances, we still want to have a professional website, attract customers and a tool to introduce the most effective business image? Please contact HudoTech immediately, we provide effective website administration services with a cost that suits your budget.

The work will be done when HudoTech receives website administration for you:

1. Update information

  • Update relevant specialized information on the website.
  • Processing product images for the website.
  • Update new products for the website.
  • Advertising banner design.

2. Statistics – webmaster reports

  • Monthly statistics of website visits.
  • The most viewed pages.
  • The most viewed products and services.

3. Maintenance of website system

  • Monitor and backup the system.
  • Handling when the system has trouble on website, domain, hosting.

4. Track rankings and optimize results at search engines

  • By monitoring the ranking of the website will conduct keyword registration to improve the ranking of the website in search results on search engines.
  • Always make sure the results of the website always appear on the first page of google (For pre-specified keywords depending on the service pack).

5. Consulting website development strategy

  • Branding from the internet.
  • Building and promoting through society (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter …)
  • Application & development of Email Marketing.

6. Customer interaction

  • You transfer your requests and documents via email / phone.
  • HudoTech processes, edits and updates requests on the website.


Contact HudoTech’s website administration and SEO services by Phone 0969 628 929 or Email today when you need it!