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Odoo Software – Today’s leading enterprise management solution

Currently, enterprise management software solutions are being applied by many enterprises to effectively manage resources. Odoo software is one of the best open source enterprise management platforms available today.

What is Odoo software? 

Odoo is an open source enterprise management software developed by Fabien Pinckaers and colleagues. better known as OpenERP and previously TinyERP, from version 8.0 onwards OpenERP was renamed to Odoo.

Features of Odoo software

First, because it is open source, Odoo software has a much lower deployment cost than other software. This is especially true for Vietnamese enterprises, with the pressure of increasingly managing and exploiting better resources to compete in the period of international integration but being tight on budget, difficult to open bags. For foreign solutions even in the country, free solutions are clearly a good choice.
Thanks to this open source factor, many small informatics companies can participate in providing and developing additional modules. In addition, other than SAP, Oracle hardware costs are high. Odoo is easy to install, test and run on multiple OS platforms. This is also an opportunity for programmers to learn and learn.

On the other hand, with the form of each module independently, enterprises can implement the “Minimum Viable Product” strategy, which means to use the product soon when it has few features. This is possible with Odoo / OpenERP basic modules, businesses don’t have to wait until the new solution is used, which can be used immediately to meet the needs of the business.
Finally, the popularity of Odoo / OpenERP compared to other solutions. The number of people interested in this solution is also remarkable, this is reflected in the overwhelming dominance of Odoo / OpenERP through Google Trends comparison (Opentaps, ERPNext, ERP5, … solutions are not enough volume to offer. match).

Why Odoo software is the leading enterprise management solution today

Odoo software is an open source enterprise management software. Because of this characteristic, Odoo software is able to change and customize according to the management characteristics of each enterprise. Also because Odoo is open source software, the deployment cost is much lower than other copyrighted software such as SAP and Oracle.
Phần mềm Odoo được các chuyên gia trên thế giới đánh giá cao

Odoo software is highly appreciated by experts in the world

Unlike other large enterprise management software such as SAP, Oracle needs to have good IT personnel to administer. Odoo software with a simple interface, is easy to use for those who do not know about IT, is very suitable for most businesses in Vietnam.

With more than 700 Modules, Odoo business management software meets most of the corporate management needs.
In addition, an extremely important feature of Odoo software is that businesses do not have to wait until the new solution is used, which can be used immediately to meet the needs of businesses. At the same time, the administrator can ask to build any features first according to the requirements of the business, not build in sequence. 
With the great features that Odoo software brings, this will be an effective and optimal corporate governance solution for businesses in Vietnam and around the world.


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